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Welcome to the IEEM !

The Institute of Energy and Emission Management (IEEM) is a scientific research unit concerned with all issues related to energy and emission management.

Scarcity of energy resources and environmental issues will lead to an increasing pressure on economy and business firms to take action. At the same time, the expected global change will give birth to fascinating technology developments and new type of problem solutions to energy and emission issues. Finally, all this offers attractive new business opportunities.

We are convinced that change ahead will heavily affect economy in total, but also affect everybody´s day-to-day life during the forthcoming 10 years.
Therefore, we have drawn a Picture of the Future Energy 2022 - a future perspective consisting of 15 facets describing current endeavours of corporate energy and emission management.

Decisions due within this decade will require solid information, basing upon hard facts and methodology-based study works. Besides study works and developing inter-disciplinary concepts, the IEEM carries out a broad scope of market research and analysis projects.

It is our mission to support developing corporate energy and emission management and its elements, improve management methodology, and foster energy management as a central management function and responsibility called the Chief Energy Officer.

Scientific research - integrating numerous contacts to renowned European universities - implies high methodological ambitions. However, close co-operation with leading and innovative business firms implies that the IEEM will always operate in a practice-oriented, highly effective, and customer-focused way.
Here, the IEEM is open for cooperation with all energy consuming units, with manufacturers of technology, as well as energy provider and disposal service firms.

This website was designed to provide an overview on IEEM´s expertise.
For further details please feel free to contact us, meet our experts, and discuss matters with us personally.



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