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Energy Management for the 21st Century

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Global warming and energy supply bottlenecks are considered to be mega trends of economy, heavily affecting economic development - from now on for the forthcoming 10 or more years. This change is perceivable right now and catchwords such as e-mobility, the smart grid, new energy mix and others more have nearly become day-to-day idioms.

Indeed, the energy and energy services markets are facing rapid change, understanding that change of demand structures, environment, deregulations, scarcity of energy resources, new-type technologies do emerge at the same time. This affects future intra and inter-company handling of energy and emission issues.

We have drawn a “Picture of the Future: Energy 2022”: a draft including 15 different facets, all of them indicating that the top issue “energy” will turn out to be more complex in future. We will, for instance, see ...

  • integration into the digital energy network (smart grid) calling for higher grid quality following EN 50160
  • increasing needs for documentation of energy usage, intensity and efficiency, and extended metering, monitoring, reporting
  • rigid legislation implying certificates and audits towards EMAS und ISO 14000
  • environmental commitment also meaning a quantification of CO2 and energy efficiency data for each single product or piece of service
  • new international sourcing, contracting and pricing (e.g. yield management) that will drive new IT applications.

Subsequently, business firms will have to implement by far more performing energy and emission management functions (EEM), and this will also receive more attention on a top management level in the near future.

We are absolutely convinced that - besides further technology inventions - there is a strong need for innovation, i.e. sustainable implementation and adoptation of technologies. Innovation is based upon business and strategy oriented technology and innovation management (T I M) - in order to successfully handle energy and emission related problems in the future.

All parties involved, energy providers, energy consuming entities, technology firms, and energy service firms of all kind will be the beneficiaries of the big change ahead; they will all benefit from new optimization options and new business opportunities.

The Institute of Energy and Emission Management (IEEM) is an independent research and expert entity, part of the INITIA Alliance, and partnering with all companies that are open for a scientific dialogue and open for change.


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