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Focus of Research

Research, consultancy, and seminar activities have a focus on new-type issues and new challenges of an up-to-date energy and emission management.

Energy and environmental change calls for future technologies, new applications, and new business models. Innovations of that kind are widely considered as promising, however risky. Therefore, potentials analyses, development and implementation strategies, investment schemes and others more are needed.

The IEEM stresses the following topics:

Effective Corporate Energy Management

  • Organisation of Energy Management within business firms
  • Energy Management Software Applications + Software Tools
  • Energy Officers - Job Description, Qualification, and HR development

Improvements of Energy Efficiency

  • Segment 1:  Facility Management (e.g. bank and insurance companies)
  • Segment 2:  Industrial Manufacturing
  • Segment 3:  Mobility (transport and logistics)

Energy Controlling

  • Metering - Evaluation - Reporting - Energy Cockpit
  • Forecasting and Planning Tools
  • Energy Cost Management
  • Energy Flow Analyses
  • Energy Management Audits

Energy Services

  • Service Product Deployment and Marketing Strategies for Energy Services
  • Provision of Balance Energy
  • Energy Contracting & Finance
  • IEEM Energy Service Provider Cluster

Industrial Marketing and Technology Management
for Energy Resources, Energy Services, and Energy Technologies

  • IEEM Picture of the Future Energy 2022
  • Potential Analyses
  • Cost-Benefit-Analyses
  • Invest/Divest Calculations
  • Industrial Marketing for Energy Resources, Energy Services, and Energy Technologies
  • Technology Management for Energy and Environmental Technologies

Smart Grid

  • Implementation Strategy and Supply Chain Design
  • Capacity Management, Demand Management, and Yield Management
  • Inter-company Flow of Control Data

New Technologies and Applications
Potentials Analyses, Invest/Divest Calculation, Development and Implementation Strategies

  • Renewable Energies
    • Solar Energy - Photovoltaics
    • Solar Heat
    • Geothermal Energy
    • Wind Energy
    • Water Energy
    • Biomass
    • Energy Recovery
  • Mobility in the Past-Oil-Age
    • CO2-neutral Combustion Engines
    • e-Mobility
  • Energy Storage
    • Battery Technologies
    • Power Conversion
  • Energy-Efficiency Enabling Control Systems and Automation
    • Building Automation
    • Factory Automation (SPS, SCADA, MES)
  • IEEM Technology Firm Cluster

Energy and Environmental Standards + Certification

  • EMAS
  • EN 50160
  • ISO 14000
  • ISO 16000

Digital Convergence:
The integration of Energy Technology and IT environments



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