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Cooperating with IEEM

Cooperation with the IEEM may be considered in several ways:

  • Research / Studies / internal Audits / Analyses
    Analyses of the present status quo and improvement potentials as well as investigations into feasibility, efficiency, and benefits of new technology applications, or energy management itself.
    These studies assess issues such as cost structures, productivity, quality, and service levels, specified benefit impacts, customer orientation, strategy alienation of investments, or technology applications in a firm.
  • Expert Talks and Industrial Market Surveys
    Evaluations, opinions, statements given by decision makers and persons in charge as well as expert talks with specialists, technology and service suppliers and others more play a significant role in IEEM´s practice-driven industrial market research.
  • Moderation / Workshops / Think Tank
    Organisational change requires identification, creation, collection, assortment, documentation, and evaluation of ideas and all stimulating pieces of information. Here, exploration, moderation and workshops are appropriate means.
    In early stages of development processes the IEEM is the perfect external think tank for all developers and managers in charge of new business development.
  • Concepts and Consultancy
    Just analysis does not help. Therefore, we offer our expertise also for conceptual works, consultancy, and monitoring when putting concepts into reality. This includes routine issues as well as new-type, innovative concepts.
    Cooperation may be continued step-by-step, beginning with moderation and workshops, solely taking over projects management, or follow a full-service approach.
  • Management Education and Customized Seminars
    The IEEM is the ideal partner for qualifying your staff. Seminars are tailor-made and designed to your needs, basing upon a careful mutual reconciliation and specification of the seminar objectives.
  • Organisational Change
    Besides seminars, a more systematical support can be given by change management, running a 6 to 12 months Management Programme.
  • Inquiries and Tenders
    The IEEM also supports corporate procurement of all energy related assets such as equipment, services, or intellectual and property rights. IEEM carries out inquiries and tenders independently, including partial steps or a full-service approach.


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